On Demand Webinar: Time For a Travel Policy Tune Up

Posted: 11 December 2018
Topics: 博客
Is your travel policy in need of a 5 point inspection to ensure it is relevant to today's travel climate? Bring your travel policy in for a check-up with our panel of travel management experts and we'll examine what levers you can adjust to:
  • Identify cost-savings opportunities
  • Find the balance between cost-savings and traveller productivity
  • Address shared economy options
  • Chris Soriano, Director, Procurement and Corporate Travel (Apptio)
  • Sarah Bridges, Travel and Corporate Card Manager (T. Rowe Price)
  • Leanne Turner, Global Director, Travel Industry & Business Travel Sales (Omni Hotels and Resorts)
Once we cover these focus areas, we'll also share pointers to communicate travel policy changes to today's traveller. You will learn how to get you travel programme running at peak performance.